Freesteel Online STL slicer.

The Freesteel Online STL slicer lets you slice STL files after uploading them, and save these slices in SVG format.

Slices will be arranged to fill your chosen template size efficiently, first to last slice from left to right and top to bottom.

After uploading your STL file, click on Tools->Slice... and fill in the dialog to set the height of the first and last slice and the layer thickness.

Use the slider to increase the desired detail if your design requires this, ie. contains detail smaller than ca. 1mm. Ready calculated slices are drawn on screen, stacked in their position in the STL model. You can get an indication of how slices will be arranged on a template by opening a preview through File->Preview or from the File->Save dialog.

Disclaimer: Freesteel Online slicer comes without warranty of any kind. May contain bugs. Use entirely at your own risk.

Questions or comments, please email, please put "Online Slicer" in the subject.

The STL file

Slice from: Top: Front: Side:
Slices between:
Slice thickness:
  high low
Cutting width:
Model: Solid: Shell:
  Shell thickness:
Bounding Box
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Marker diameter:
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