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Not a good day to start a blog

Friday, June 24th, 2005 at 4:47 pm Written by:

Feeling bit crap, with that sore eyeball feeling. And my knee is starting to give gyp, possibly with the arthritis I was promised.

Wasted most of the day searching for a digital camera to buy. Ah, consumerism. Not so good at doing that. Ordered some compact fujifilm thing, so it will be small.

The inflatable diveyak supplier I was trying to order from has really pissed me off. For 14 kgs they want to charge 50 quid carriage. Turns out they have to ship it from Germany. So what’s the point in having a dealer in England?

Weekend to yorkshire is cancelled. Excuse not to go Penyghent. May go diving at last.

Finally thought about some work. The latest cockup with the toolpaths is the roll-on function, which hits the wrong place when there is a cusp and makes a deep gouging toolpath. I’m beginning the implementation of a stripped down voronoi calculation to find all the smoothings that could be there. What a craze.

We’ll see if I can get into the freesteel blogging at some point. I must confess I’m not so enthusiastic at writing it. Doing the myron ebell climate seems more fun.

This blog is targetted at all you all victims who program CAM software out there, and work for some shitty company with bosses, hours, and no control over your work, and the satisfaction that you are directly helping some layabout toss-head CEO and board of directors to make a good living from bullshitting and ripping off anyone they have power over. Look. There is another way of doing it, if you have half a mind about how to develop software, come up with ideas, and work out for yourself what are useful things to do.

So we will show. The more who are free, the better it will be.

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