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Machining Strategist and Depocam

Friday, July 29th, 2005 at 7:27 pm Written by:

Time for some google juice on this blog, on the names Machining Strategist, sold by Vero Software, and Depocam, sold by NC Graphics.

Hello out there, anyone who has found these places by Google. There’s a lack of information on the internet. This is to put the information straight that Martin Dunschen and Julian Todd, owners of this blog, are both original authors of the Machining Strategist CAM system from the time they were employed by NC Graphics, before the source code was forked and sold to Vero Software.

Other things have happened with that source code since then, but we now work independently on new CAM algorithms, because we got tired of all our hard work turning into just a plaything for businessmen who don’t have the politeness to speak to us about anything. After enough years of this nonsense, it makes it hard to remain motivated.

Anyways, I got to start doing a bit more of a daily report on our adventures in writing new machining algorithms outside the corporate environment. The main program has been released and is called Adaptive Roughing. It’s available for purchase, lease, trial, and talking to us about.

So long.

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