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Machining Strategist a-go-go

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005 at 7:49 am Written by:

Hmph. Still failing to get anywhere with phrases like “Machining Strategist” onto the search pages of Google. The pages distributing cracked versions come much higher, which is unfair.

Yesterday I think I finished the flat area detection stuff in freesteel. We’ll see if I got it right this time. The Danes are pretty sharp at picking out flaws in what I give them.

Martin and I also experimented with putting the zslicing and the area clearing into separate threads. Don’t know if this will improve things, but it appeared that the effective technology to use is the Queue class in Python, where the thread calling the “get” function is forced to wait until something is “put” into it.

We need to get the online toolpath calculator working again. I’m popping away for a day to LLandrindod Wells.

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