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Arcs nearly there

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 at 5:05 pm Written by:

Subject to a few problems now being debugged, we can have arcs in the virtual stock model.

The main sticking point is to ensure that all arcs are cardinal which, in my invented terminology, means they remain in one of the four quadrants and don’t cross an axis even slightly.

Many wrongly designed calculations cause arcs to cross an axis by about 1e-16.

Once this is all fixed we will squash all bugs before I go away for a week cycling through Wales.

No sign of any kayaks in the post.

I have printed off most of a coloured survey of Er Wang Dong and crashed the A1 printer. I did most of the work on Bank Holiday Monday after a weekend in Lancaster and the Lake District with Becka’s parents walking th Fairfield Horseshoe. Their tree has excellent apples.

Still no sign of Machining Strategist showing up anywhere useful in the google search engine.

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