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What a lot of surveying

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 at 5:37 pm Written by:

Spending too much time on Tunnel, and also bits of Publicwhip, doing final bits to make the parsoing and Er Wang Dong surveys to work respectively.

Now onto a bit of Freesteel. Peter wants some constant scallop machining out of us by the end of the year. We’ve agreed. I hope to make it possible to do it as a spiral offset so it overcomes many of the constant offset problems we normally get.

First step is to make the weave subdivision to work. This enables contour sharpening, and is quite a hard prospect since all the weave iterators have to be upgraded to handle the more complicated structure. The scallop toolpaths are going to be embedded into this structure.

Meantime, I’m clearing all known asserts from the standard code. Martin is fiddling with the interface of the freesteel webpage so all operations can be done from one page instead of many (which I didn’t like and argued at length about). I sent off a cheque for the new freesteel internet computer yesterday (1400 quid). Martin sent a cheque to Germany for our mini machine tool (500 quid). We’re going to keep the costs separate since freesteel computer is also going to handle Publicwhip in its spare capacity.

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