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Monday, October 10th, 2005 at 8:38 pm Written by:

We are not alone! There are readers of this blog, who have also tried to use the online version of the software we work on. It was quite a surprise: As I was doing some work on this online interface (which is in a bad state at the moment really, apologies for that), I found traces of you in the apache access logs, as well as a present in form of an STL file. (Thanks Nick.)

I hope it works reasonably, even though the layout of the online interface is terrible, not much interactivity, and the tapefile we give you still needs a little changes to be useable.

I am overhauling those pages at the moment: Expect to be able to interact with the STL file by rotating, panning and zooming, but not using virtual worlds and a VRML plug-in. Of course this will also include images of a toolpath.

Hopefully the new version will be online soon.

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