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Mini Machine moves

Friday, October 21st, 2005 at 9:29 pm Written by:

The little milling machine I posted about a few days ago is finally working. Thanks to a friendly technician at the university I could replace the bended piece of stud that moves the x axis with a nicely machined new piece.

The original construction tried to maximize the motion limits of this axis, but we decided that the connection of the stepper motor to the machine table was too weak, and possibly the cause for the bent part. Getting a metal hack saw from the local DIY shop and cutting the axis shorter was quickly done, and soon the machine was moving nicely in all directions.

At the moment I use a DOS programme (PC-NC) to drive the machine, but I want to set it up to work under Linux using EMC. I have no idea yet if it will be easy to configure EMC to work with this particular stepper controller card and machine.

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