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Publicwhip code sprint

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005 at 1:18 am Written by:

Had one guy up from London learning the tricks, and invited Si from Cambridge as well. Both arrived Thursday late night. I had other friends, cavers, who were meant to be staying that night too, but they cancelled at the last minute because the ferry they were going to catch from Hollyhead was cancelled.

Si quit smoking when he came up, so was cold Turkey the whole time, groaning. Not even wearing a leather trilby seemed to help. On Friday night we went to Bill Hicks: A Slight Return over at the Unity Theatre. He does a lot of jokes about how good smoking is, especially since he died of pancreas cancer.

We did plenty of coding of the scraper and some of the parser, towards structuring the new Today in Parliament pages. Also had a little look at the publicwhip pages, until I took a break. Francis was supposed to come up to, but had cancelled because he was too preoccupied.

We’ve got our new seagrass server up. Soon we should me relocating freesteel to that place.

Si promises to make some nice javascript to show up tool shapes, so no one who uses the website can get confused.

We should have working visitors in Liverpool more often.

Martin is away, so I’m feeding his cat. It’s also getting towards bonfire night, so I have to lock the cat in when it’s dark and the fireworks are exploding. The cat was unimpressed and kept bashing against the catflap.

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