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Monday, November 28th, 2005 at 12:33 pm Written by:

We’re off to Euromold in Frankfurt tomorrow through Saturday morning. We’ll probably be festering at the Mastercam stand with Cimco looking for things to program, and recovering from the train journey. I’m a bit under the weather at the moment, so slightly depressed. Due to a transportation error at the weekend, I was in Yorkshire yesterday afternoon and caught a lift down in a minibus with Imperial College Caving Club to central London (journey time: 6 hours), then I hopped it over to Kings Cross train station, and caught a lift up to Cambridge where I’m staying in Francis’s front living room doing a few hours of work on Publicwhip. Not only do I have a nasty sore throat, but beer and wine have been giving me a bad head for the past two weeks, so I’m going to be on the wagon while everyone else is boozing in the evenings over free dinners. Hence, I’m going to find it all a bit boring, as well as not being able to talk too much with so much hoarseness on my vocal chords.

We are hoping to see some demonstrations of the Adaptive Roughing on some machines, and also find what kinds of micro machine tools could handle it and use EMC. Maybe we’ll see Surfware’s Truemill thin. Then there’s coordinating some coding with the Danes. Sharing work across continents is a little inconvenient, but it has the great advantage that I don’t have to live in Copenhagen, and they don’t have to live in Liverpool. The variety of programming teams isn’t limited geographically, and can overcome any local inefficiency to make what is in essence a tasty salad — my salads have tomatoes from spain, raisons from California, pepper from Indonesia, and carrots from the garden, which is an awful lot of transport just to make something crunchy to eat.

Mmmm. Frankfurt, here we come. German food. Not too much in the way of fresh salads. I’m going to have to try going to bed early and skipping those creamy, sugary desserts, for my health.

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