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878 Lords a-whipping

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 at 12:08 am Written by:

A whole day and a night spent pushing the Lords parsing back to 1999-11-11, when all the Hereditary Peers were kicked out of the House and the database which a friend of ours gained access to began its records. The fruit of my labour is this list of XML files comprising 387 Mbytes of parsed speeches and, more importantly, votes.

Further processing is now set to happen in perl, SQL, and php.

Now we get to put them into tables and see what it all means. What do those Bishops stand for? And what happens to those captains of industry when they get elevated into the heart of our legislature whilst they still continue to run their multinational companies? Is there a conflict of interest? Or is government so much in the pocket of big business that it improves the efficient running of the system to have its leaders appointed into Parliament for life? Or do men like Lord Black and Lord Browne get their Peerages for the sake of prestige and never really turn up?

I do not yet know the answers. That’s the fun of gathering data that has not ever been seen in one place before. We will soon know all when we process the data. It’s going to make the webpage even more complicated than it already is, but there’s a price for everything.

Oddly, the new seagrass computer, for which I paid oodles of cash, seems to run at half the speed as my cheap laptop during the parsing process. Could someone have assembled the wrong chip inside?

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  • 1. Francis Irving replies at 20th December 2005, 11:17 am :

    Use “top” to check what is running when it is going slowly. is eating lots of CPU, should it be?

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