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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 at 7:17 pm Written by:

We’ve got our hack of a brochure more or less done. The word “brochure” might be an over-the-top description of this single sheet of glossy paper. The PDF version is here. Some of its material may find its way onto our web-page.
The amount of effort this stuff takes up leaves me in awe of the work that must go in to producing all the heaps of printed junk mail that I get sent. Maybe there are tricks of the trade. The effort it takes to make even the most basic 3D diagram look good and be informative is staggering.

Admittedly, we aren’t using any proper software. Just Open Office to stick it together. The main 3D picture was made by writing python scripts for VTK, and the rest of the images are simply screenshots from Cimco Inspect, which allows you do to everything except switch off those nasty little axis arrows on the origin.

I think we should run off about 50 down at the stationer’s.

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