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Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006 at 11:39 am Written by:

Okay folks, since no one else is doing it, I’ve started wikipedia-ing on machining topics. See my userpage. Some of this material should be moved to a discussion page elsewhere.

The problems with the terminology are severe. I’m not sure we can call the software we are doing CAM, because that’s a way too broad a category in my opinion, since it must cover all robotics. So, what do we call it? Do I have the list of different machining strategies right? Are there lots of alternative names? What are they? What do we do about the articles G-code and CNC being almost the same? Is G-code the correct term, or is it ISO, or something else? Do we put in a page for “post-processor”?

Once we get somewhere with this I’ll start to be able to elaborate the pencil milling strategy as I’ve implemented it. Someone else can explain BKChoi’s ZMap, which appeared to me when I read it to be similar to cutter location against triangles, except implemented in a utterly daft way. Maybe I have it misunderstood.

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