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Patently patented

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 at 6:40 am Written by:

Thanks to DP Technology for bringing my attention to US Patent number 6,907,313, which is pure poetry.

 A method, 
   using a computer system, 
      for manufacturing a part, 

 said method comprising: 

  receiving a model of said part; 

  retrieving a predetermined rule 
    from a plurality of predetermined rules 
    stored in a computer readable medium; 

  selecting a feature of said model 
    by evaluating said predetermined rule, 
     wherein said feature is assigned a feature type 
       by evaluating a second predetermined rule, 
     wherein said feature type comprises a plurality of keys, 
       each key comprising a value from a plurality of values, 
     said value selected from said plurality of values 
       by evaluating a third predetermined rule; 

  determining a process associated with said feature;  
  and based on at least said process, 

    generating computer code to manufacture said feature 
      on a computer controlled machine, 
    wherein said process is further associated with said feature type 
      based on a feature case and a fourth predetermined rule, 
    said feature case comprising said feature type and 
      a combination of one or more of said selected values.

The last stanza probably needs a bit of work. I think the meaning can be explained in ten words or less.

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