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Back and forth across the city

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 at 6:14 pm Written by:

We’ve been going to lots of fine meals here in Copenhagen, and sometimes remembering to work. On the first night we went for a long walk in the Deer Park to the fun-fair at the far corner. After staying for an extra beer to hear we got lost in the dark and ran into a crowd of thousands coming the other way from the end of an outdoor production about Thor, the god in norse mythology, which involved horses.

Martin and I have been staying in Peter’s spare flat, which is knocked through and joined to his main one on the 4th floor somewhere in Copenhagen. I don’t know how to find it myself, and have marked it with a GPS. Normally I borrow a bike and cycle through Copenhagen between where I stay and Cimco’s office, which is easy because Danish cycle paths are like a separate road system between the pavement and the cars, but I’m being too disorganized. The company bike has been standing in the hall for a year since I last used it, and they’ve lost the key. I’ve brought rollerblades over from England, but refrained from using them for fear that the skating motion would take up too much of the track to let the bikes past.

Thanks to Wikipedia for a link to The IGES Preservations Society, which merits attention. I can’t see an STL preservation society. Just a rant my me on wikipedia about it. I think my words could be edited down considerably, while preserving the meaning. As I said, all CAD/CAM integrations I know about go through the STL file, by accident of history.

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