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Sexed-up whitewash

Sunday, November 5th, 2006 at 7:19 pm Written by:

I read a letter to the editor by one Lord Hutton which really got on my tits. This was occuring due to the MP’s failure to vote for an inquiry into the Iraq war, which was enabled by their own bad judgement. That division is subject to a wiki edit war at the moment.

Dear Lord Hutton,

As a member of the general public to whom your recent letters to the Times are intended to persuade, I feel it is necessary to put down clearly why your report into the death of Dr Kelly is reasonably perceived as a whitewash.

The overwhelming critique or your report is its utter silence with regard to the underlying observations that the 45 minute figure, the uranium from Niger claim, and every single other allegation made by the Government about Iraq’s WMD which sought to explain the necessity of a full military invasion of that country was false.

This is the suspicious dead body, separate from that of the unfortunate David Kelly, which has never been accounted for.

Andrew Gilligan reported through the BBC that the falsification of the intelligence — which must have occurred somewhere between the facts on the ground and what was printed by the Government — occurred at the level of the Prime Minister’s office.

In your report you concluded that this was not so. Therefore, by implication, the falsification must have occurred at a lower level. However, we have seen no sign of a genuine investigation, process of accountability, or official apology to the UK or the Iraqi people who have been died in vast numbers for this “intelligence failure”.

This leads people to the conclusion that either the Government does not care when it is mislead by its servants in the intelligence community, or they authored the fallacies, have no interest in exposing them, and you sat down and whitewashed it.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Todd.

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