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Train to Prague

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 at 11:43 pm Written by:

Now in Prague, courtesy of my American half-brother who’s doing a semester of English and German studies over here in order to soak up the culture. Martin ordered the tickets for me from Frankfurt to Prague three weeks ago, but the train company delayed sending them so they arrived in Liverpool while I was in Frankfurt. Stella, in Martin’s house, mailed them to our hotel on next-day delivery at a cost of 35 pounds, but they didn’t arrive on the next day. So I had to walk into the train station, buy tickets with cash, and ride in the smoking carriage to get a seat.

Still, it’s better than having your wallet stolen.

I washed up in an extra-grim grey train station called Praha-Holesovice where I had to elbow the tramps away from the phones in order to call this brother repeatedly until he was able to ascertain that he was searching for me in the wrong train station for over an hour. Useless. The young guy has a very deep voice, and I just look old.

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