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Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 at 9:43 am Written by:

Just getting ready to head down to Birmingham this morning. Someone has invited me to be part of an advisory board of the National Open Centre, which will be some kind of official point of contact for Open Source things for the government. This doesn’t mean that it itself makes any contact with the open source movement, but maybe it will try. With routine government sell-outs of IT projects for billions of quid to corporations who are therefore extremely successful and profitable, in spite of writing software worse than a dog, something must be done.

At the very least one can move that, as in America, any software that is fully funded by taxpayers must be open source. Then we could (a) look at the quality of the stuff these corporations are producing, rather than the quality of their balance sheet, and (b) the project could easily be taken over without the necessity of throwing everything away and starting again, which tempts one to keep throwing good money after bad.

After all, if you’ve thrown out the dodgy builders, you at least get to salvage the bricks which you have already paid for.

Then it’s down to Cambridge for some work on publicwhip.

Oh, and I’ve been wasting days and days on fancy wikipedia templates, including stuff on Steinbruckenhohle and Ogof Nadilog.

The new idea is this Located Map concept where, not only do you have a GPS coordinate location of a place on the world, you also tie it in by referencing the corresponding pixel of that point on some map. You then need to know the scale of the map (metres per pixel) and the north vector, and you’re done — you can overlay the map onto any system like google earth and see your caves come up on the landscape.

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