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Onward to Denmark

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 at 6:10 pm Written by:

Have been winding down for the past week for the business trip to Copenhagen, by train, then ferry, then train again, and finally rollerblades. It takes about 30 hours, and then we’re there for about 10 days, probably programming CAM software too much.

I live in the future. These stinky short-haul plane flights everywhere over Europe are not sustainable, which is to say that at some point in the future they will no longer be happening. Either the fossil oil runs out, or we poison ourselves with its use, whichever comes first.

It would be sad if the oil runs out before we come to our senses. I don’t like these engine powered boats. In the future, as in the era of European global empires, we’ll use sailing ships. Only this time they will be computer controlled with GPS navigation and weather satellites, and their hydrodynamic design will be optimized properly, not just as a bendy wooden spline. All of it will be lovely, including the on-board food, which was horrible back in the old-days, so long as there is still some oil left to make the nylon sails! And we will have instantaneous communication, so we never need be out of contact, no matter what part of the journey we are on.

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