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Skating free

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 at 2:17 pm Written by:

Martin has his folding bike; all I could pack were these roller-blades, which took us on a 20km scenic route to the office this morning. Apart from the hills up, where I get a tow, and the steep downs, where I need to lean on the back rack of the bike, and the gravel, I can cruise at about the same speed. But it still takes over an hour to get into the office from central Copenhagen due to the obligatory cake stop.

Getting rather tired of work, especially the pencil overthickness operation, which I wished I had never invented in the first place, and business negotiations that make you want to push the whole thing off into the Baltic Sea and go back to doing cave survey software. At least there’s no money in that. Pencil overthickness is a method of pencil milling that finds a path for an enlarged cutter, and then projects it into the corner where there would not normally be a path. We head back tomorrow, which is good because I’m getting a little homesick.

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