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And now a message from the Julian Todd fan club

Monday, May 28th, 2007 at 1:52 pm Written by:

The originator of many of the innovatory ideas in Machining Strategist was not Julian Todd. The spiral entries, the plunge machining and rolled corners were innovated by Heinz Deiter at Depo GmbH as you well know. Your innovatory method of ‘rest-machining’ described in the CAD Journal was never a success; it was slow and inaccurate and your tessellator was surpassed by [other people’s] work.

The biggest indictment of your work was that all your machining algorithms displayed the triangular tessellations – they are visible on precision parts in all versions up to version 7. The Vero team and the NCG team were left to fix this serious shortcoming after your departure.

Some of your work was good, but as long as you claim HSM was ‘the fruits of my intellectual labour’ implying that you alone were responsible, even the respect that is due to you will be denied and you will continue to be ‘bugged’.

In your CAD Journal paper in October 1999 (the one the editors rejected) you dismissed the work of 7 other CAM groups with the statement: ‘Aside from the serious over-all difficulties encountered in pursuing such methods’. Nobody on the planet except Julian Todd can write CAM software.

Frankly you are big-headed and unbearable.


  • 1. Neel D replies at 31st May 2007, 6:38 am :

    The goods and services that workers/developers produce belong not to them, but to their bosses. In the very process of producing things, the working class also reproduces the wealth of the capitalists.

    Microsoft workers don’t just develop software, they also develop Bill Gates’s immense riches, and his power over themselves. Workers’ daily activity under capitalism reproduces the ruling class, its profits and its control.

    That’s what the term “exploitation” means. Workers produce vast surpluses, which end up in the hands of those who rule over them, in the economy and in the state alike. The more they work, the richer and more powerful their exploiters become.

    Capitalism is a system that depends on this daily robbery, carried out in every workplace every minute of every day. At its heart is the activity of the working class. (which includes developers)

  • 2. Freesteel » Blog Ar&hellip replies at 10th January 2008, 5:44 pm :

    […] icult to keep up the motivation to plug at it day after day. Sometimes it takes a dose of big-headedness to get the will to carry on.


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