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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 at 6:55 pm Written by:

No one to see in Edinburgh. But I did discover this fine pub called The Auld Hoose across the road with free WiFi, good beer and good food, and spent plenty of time there. I didn’t wake up in time to photograph Becka huddling across the road from it at 8am in the morning in the drizzle downloading her email from their router which was obviously left on.

Then after the conference we went to St Abbs with our kayaks and managed to do six dives in 24 hours, as well as stumbling across a famous caver while out on the sea. He had recently moved to Eyemouth and had found his kayaks in a dumpster, and had in fact tried our kayak-diving off an inflatable.

I have just wasted my time writing two new wikipedia articles: HMS Port Napier and Flame shell.

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