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Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 at 1:33 pm Written by:

Two days before I head south, less than a week before I go to Austria. I’ll have to go caving once because the freezer is full of spit samples to form a base-line so when they measure the amount of hormones in my spit just before going down a big scary pitch, they scientifically prove I’m miserable.

Have written some tosh for the undemocracy site. Who knows who will read it. Maybe even the Sec. Gen. These guys at the top don’t want people to know if they’re checking stuff said down at the bottom. Or they prefer to live in their bubble.

Last night I set up wikiscuba page for Tiree. Hoping someone will add to it, so there’s enough information eventually for me to want to go there. It doesn’t feature in any of the kayaking or dive guide books.

Proof that there are nations are a figment of the imagination, there are no borders, comes from the fact that they can’t be counted. As already noted, the United Nations can’t say how many there are. In a self-referential system, nations only exist only in the subjective reality of nations. Only 24 nations recognize Taiwan exists. How many of those are 24 are recognized by the other 100 +- 100 nations around the world?

Nothing else cooking, except bugs suddenly coming in thick and fast down from Denmark with me trying to punt them off.

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