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Light relief

Thursday, August 9th, 2007 at 7:38 pm Written by:

Now safely ensconced in Venice in preparation for my grandfather’s 95th birthday. Buying the train ticket in Bad Aussee was the worst thing ever. First, the office opens and closes 5 times in the day, not just for the lunch break. Then they can’t even sell you tickets that go outside of Austria. Instead they give you a phone number which you are supposed to phone in order to book your ticket through a call centre. Fortunately an Austrian guy in the waiting room with a mobile helped us with this one.

The men in the ticket office don’t do the phoning for you!

One of the things the call-centre needed was the post-code of the train station! Then they could issue us with a 5 digit number which we took back to the ticket window which allowed their computer to issue the ticket and take our money.

Meanwhile in the working world the webpage has gone down completely. The new Pro/TOOLMAKER is being released this month. As was said in May: “It is understood that Flutter and his senior team are to continue working at the company, although formal appointments are yet to be announced.”

So far there hasn’t been an announcement, but I’m waiting for a photograph of one of these. For avoidance of doubt, I’ll talk about just about anything software related to any stranger for a free lunch.

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