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The Iron Way

Sunday, August 26th, 2007 at 8:55 pm Written by:

I’ve been hauled up about six Via Ferratas in this here valley in Arco, northern Italy, just north of Lake Garda. It’s been a slog. Thousands of metres of steep height gain in the blistering sun. Becka just keeps going. These holidays are wearing me out.

I managed to get off today and stay indoors away from the “healthy” outdoors and allow my legs to recover. We never got to go canyonning, which would have been more my cup of tea.

A few days ago I got back from the cliffs in time to make an important business call in an attempt to clarify the situation in which I have experienced a minor shafting.

Apparently if someone says:

“Go on, please agree to do A. I assure that I believe X is true.”

where X is something which, if true, makes A okay, and, if false, makes A not okay, then you need to respond:

“All right, I’ll agree to A on condition that X is in fact true.”

rather than simply:

“All right, I agree to A.”

because in the latter case it’s legally irrelevant whether or not X is true, or is now believed to be true, or even whether the belief at the time had been reasonable.

Tossers! Who cares about this rubbish anyway? At least in programming when the logical transform screws up you can fix it and recompile. In the game of business you have to pay for every unnecessary, pointless, gratuitous syntax error as though you meant it. What a waste of time.

When you make deals with a businessman, sure it’s a “level playing field”. But they’re snooker table sharks. Always in training and at the top of their game. You will lose guaranteed. Mine is a trivial matter. Over in America, businessmen have been cleaning millions of people out of their rising house price equity using a subprime scam. Of course that whole system collapses when house prices cease to rise and there is no equity to thieve. But, like crime, all good business maneuvers involve an element of risk.

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