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Pycon concluded

Monday, September 10th, 2007 at 12:06 pm Written by:

Pycon 2007 in Birmingham was a success. I gave my 9:30am talk about the UN hacking on the first day, and my attempt at giving a flash talk about CAM algorithms on the second day to a much larger audience was ruined by my computer failing connect to the projector. (If it works one day, it’s reasonable to expect it to work the next day on the very same projector!)

Someone else has done some good blogging on the conference. I have come away concluding that Python is the right thing to do. Seeing as it’s all that builds the UN site, and somewhat fundamental to the machining (particularly the Adaptive Clearing), this is mighty good.

There is no excuse to not up-grading all our unit test capabilities, or learning more about parallelism. You hear about it everywhere now as something that’s about to break through.

Must go to lunch now after having wasted the whole morning wikipedia-ing some UN things. I need to write some good instructions on the site before I promote it at the start of the 62nd session when there’s going to be stuff happening and it’s worth telling people (who generally have a short attention span) to have a look.

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  • 1. Garry Bodsworth replies at 11th September 2007, 8:13 pm :

    I almost made a decision to go to Pycon on Friday as that was the first day I heard about it as my plans for the weekend fell through. It was a bit too last minute though… I would have been very interested in your talks and those about PyQT and Bazaar (I’ve had a good pay with both although PyQT is very hard work to set up).

    Definitely I will have to be conscious of it next year so I can go. Especially since it is such a bargain price compared to other conferences.

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