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Loiping to Austria

Monday, December 24th, 2007 at 9:50 pm Written by:

Finally got out of Tuebingen for a day and a half. It’s been three solid weeks programming constant scallop routines, with Becka building her plastic models, and both of us getting on each others’ nerves. Becka used every excuse to avoid going, but it had to be done. We’ve traveled thousands of miles to go to the snow in previous years, and here we were with car, Alps a couple of hours away, and no more excuses.

After a bit of looking at maps, rejecting Switzerland because we didn’t want to bother with a different currency, I chose Oberstdorf as the most likely place for not having to cross any borders, go very far, but get to something mountainous. One of the local cavers recommended Tannheim, just across the border into Austria, and not much further.

One thing that’s very handy are these panels of webcams so you can see the conditions.

Anyways, we got there yesterday, narrowly beat the lunch hour at one cross country ski hire place, and headed straight up the valley to Vilsalpsee where we saw some people skating out on the lake from the side and wandered out ourselves. There were all these amazing crystalline cauliflowers of ice on the surface. Later that day we got bitterly cold, and went for a long walk in the dark before finding some place to eat. The ceiling in the restaurant was decorated with what I recognized to be dried sea fans. I’ve never seen that before.

The skiing was not very extensive, and we covered most of it during the next day. Some dog sleds went past.

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