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Cory Doctorow’s 2007 planet burning adventure

Sunday, January 6th, 2008 at 10:02 pm Written by:

This follows on from the 2006 assessment, a full flying itinerary juiced and extracted, like this one, from his craphound podcast.

Why do I do this? Well, because I can. Someone has to do it, and out of all the wacky and motivated fans who cherish and love his work for some reason, none of them has bothered to duplicate the idea. So it’s my job. First obtain the facts. Then write the rant. The rant will be written later, it will include carbon calculations, and will be more wide-ranging than the internet inactivist one done halfway through the project.

The following uses footnote-linking technology, as I have grown to doubt the effectiveness of inlined hyperlinks.


Los Angeles-New York-Los Angeles (~18 January 2007)[1] to attend Google Unbound day in New York public library[2] and NYU Association of Computing Machinery.[3]


Los Angeles-Toronto (1 February 2007) to do a book launch at Bakka books.[4][5]

Toronto-Los Angeles (3 February 2007)[6]

Los Angeles-San Francisco-Los Angeles (~8 February 2007)[7] to do a book launch in Borderlands. This is where he gets finally asked a question about climate change. Also mentions having been a Greenpeace campaigner, as well as his admiration of[8]

Los Angeles-Durham (North Carolina)-Los Angeles (22 February 2007)[9] to give one of his usual speeches at Duke University.[10]


Los Angeles-Tulsa-Toronto (2 March 2007)[9] flights were diverted on route to Ad Astra SF Convention.[11]

Toronto-Los Angeles (4 March 2007)[12]

Los Angeles-Vancouver-Los Angeles (~7 March 2007)[12] to give a speech at Simon Fraser University.[13]

Los Angeles-Las Vegas-Los Angeles’ (~19 March 2007)[14] for a romantic weekend reviewing a fancy hotel. In case the butler is in any doubt, January comes exactly nine months after March.

Los Angeles-San Diego-Los Angeles (29 March 2007)[15] to go for a booksigning and attend the O’Reilly emerging tech conference.[16]


Parental visit from Canada to California (~10 April 2007)[17] presumably travelling by air in a manner that permits numerous brief visits.

Los Angeles-San Diego-Los Angeles (19 April 2007)[18] to speak at 3 universities.


Los Angeles-New York-Los Angeles (6 May 2007)[19] “just got off airplane from weekend on east coast about a book project” probably with chums at Tor Books.

Los Angeles-San Francisco-Los Angeles (17 May 2007)[20] to a author discussion where he gave an excellent reading from his forthcoming book.[21]

Appeared to stay in the San Francisco area, visiting Mountain View (21 May 2007) makes a speech at the Google Campus.[22], Mendicino (memorial day w/end)[23], and Irvine.[24]


Los Angeles-London-Belgrade-Dubrovnik (~20 June 2007)[25] to visit Bruce Sterling and the iCommons-07 summit.[26]

Dubrovnik-Los Angeles (23 June 2007)[27]


Los Angeles-Yosemite-Los Angeles (7 July 2007)[28] for a pre-birthday weekend.

Los Angeles-San Diego-Los Angeles (~15 July 2007)[29] as an instructor at Clarion marveling at the quality of the students — so it’s lucky it wasn’t the year I was there.

Los Angeles-San Diego-Los Angeles (~27 July 2007)[30] to attend Comic-Con.[31]

Los Angeles-Portland-Los Angeles (27 July 2007)[30] drove home and flew straight to the tail end of the O’Reilly Open Source Convention,[32] returning home[33] in time for Blizzcon[34]


Father to be announcement, expecting by end January.[33]

Los Angeles-Melbourne (19 August 2007)[35] booked to do a one day class in Australia on 25 August at the city museum.[36]

Mebourne-Cairns-Melbourne (~21 August 2007)[37] for four days diving on the Spirit of Freedom,[38] the exact same boat as the year before.

Melbourne-Tokyo (29 August 2007)[39] where he attended the 2007 Worldcon in Yokohama.[40] where he had a very chummy interview with one of the main gatekeepers in the SF book publishing business who determines what you learn to like.[41]


Tokyo-Dalian (4 September 2007)[39] invited to a World Economic Forum meeting where he was appointed as one of the Young Global Leaders whom we should look up to.[42]

Dalian-Beijing (12 September 2007)[43]

Beijing-Shanghai-London (17 September 2007) “unpacking boxes since Monday”, giving a total of four days for tourism.[44]

London-Amsterdam (27 September 2007)[45] Flew in to speak at the Picnic’07 Conference as a “Hero of the Information Economy”[46] The conference itself was billed as being climate neutral.[47]

Amsterdam-Boston (30 September 2007) Flew directly the the US and passed immigration in spite of visa difficulties,[45] to attend the Viable Paradise, a week long SF writing workshop in Cape Cod as an instructor.[48]


Boston-New York (7 October 2007) Drops in to see the his excited publishers in Manhattan about his new book that is going into print shortly, and which I suspect we are going to get a real earful in the coming months.[49]

New York-Clemson (10 October 2007) Flies down to South Carolina[49] to give a speech in the “Strom Thurmond Institute Auditorium” of Clemson University about IP.[50] This speech finishes at 1:30pm.

Clemson-San Francisco (11 October 2007) Flies[49] to the Zend/PHP conference in time to give his keynote speech at 8:30am the following day.[51] He can see the last five hours of the four day conference which was conveniently held on the grounds of the San Francisco Airport. There is no evidence that Cory writes much PHP code, or any other programming code at all. He also reports doing a little bit of consulting work there for Ideo,[49] a company which does a lot of corporate design work, such as better steering wheels for Caterpillar bulldozers,[52] and brand packaging the high-end beauty experience.[53]

Second parental visit to London from Canada (25 October 2007) for a week of visiting and buying baby clothes.[54]


London-Berlin (8 November 2007) Flies to Berlin[55] to give speech at the highly corporate infested “Web 2.0 Expo Berlin 2007” where he gives one of his usual talks.[56]

Berlin-London (10 November 2007) Arrives back in London and reports having written six newspaper columns while sitting around the hotel room.[57]

London-San Francisco (12 November 2007) In his words: “I would be going to look at an office tomorrow. Unfortunately I am off to San Francisco for a BoingBoing meeting; I’m literally flying 14 hours, having a six hour meeting, and then flying 14 hours back again, getting home on Thursday morning. I know that this is crazy, but when you have a pregnant person at home you are taking care of, you really want to stay home and not traipse around the world.”[57]

San Francisco-London (15 November 2007) In his words: “I had the stupidest long haul flight this week: flew from London to San Francisco, 12 hours on Monday, landed, had dinner, slept, had a meeting all day on Tuesday, had dinner, slept, had lunch, got on a plane, 12 hours, got of in London on Thursday. So basically a day, plus a couple of nights in San Francisco, and like 24 hours in the sky. This sounds dumb, but we needed to do it. We have two face-to-face meetings a year more or less for BoingBoing, and they make a big difference. So I did it.”[58] No evidence of this meeting shows up in the BoingBoing archives.[59]

London-Vienna (22 November 2007) Flew in to give the usual speech about the at a festival for cocktail robots.[60] This speech began:[61] “So Science Fiction writers and to a lesser extent Futurists, when they write about the future, they’re really talking about the present…”, and continues with a proof of the philosophical inevitability of the Singularity. During the Q&A no one asks him about climate change, possibly because it’s a question about the future, and Science Fiction writers don’t want to think about that when it is inconvenient.

Vienna-London (23 November 2007) Flies back to London and rants:[62] “Air travel is not fun any more. Air travel has not been fun for some time. Never going to travel again until the baby is due. I was doing the math, and I think this is the longest no-fly period since at least 1997, maybe as far back as 1995. Getting the the end of 10-12 years of non-stop air tavel. Taking my first hiatus from it, and I could not be looking forward to it more. I know lots of people who tell me you should travel less. That’s an interesting and useful bit of advice. I wish I could travel less. But the fact is, the way I earn my living, and the way that I fight for the causes I fight for, and the way that I stay in touch with people who care about my work means that I got to get on an airplane now and again. And every now and again turns out to be pretty frequently.”


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