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Hungover caving

Monday, January 14th, 2008 at 5:58 pm Written by:

Short record of weekend.

After seeing Ringo Starr sing out of key from the roof of St George’s Hall in town, we drove to Yorkshire where I sat around in Bull Pot Farm till the not-so-wee hours of the morning around the fire with Johny Braindead and had too much beer. He explained how he took his car insurance company to the small claims court one day and won. The process sounds like it could be straightforward enough to work, should I have the cause to use it.

In the morning I had a disproportionately bad hang-over, went caving down Wretched Rabbit in Easgill following Becka and MG to a place near Top Sink for some surveying. I collapsed in a miserable heap for a few hours while they continued on. When I got too cold I started throwing up. It was one of those “I’d rather be dead” days.

On Sunday I didn’t go caving. Instead I caught a lift up to Leck Fell with Becka and her party, took a few photographs to decorate the wikipedia entries for Rumbling Hole and Lost John’s Cave. Unfortunately didn’t have GPS to get the coordinates accurate (the ones in the book don’t find it on the hi-res satellite images).

I also climbed down Notts II entrance with my camera set on “movie” and got some very shaky footage. One of the still photos now decorates the cave digging article. Click here for the full image.

Then I walked down the hill and sat in Bernies Cafe programming Tunnel for a few hours.

Some day someone else is going to get the idea of organizing things on this great wikipedia infrastructure rather than through these never finished local projects.


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