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Scallop declared done

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at 6:03 pm Written by:

Right, I’ve been at this algorithm continually since before I went to Euromold at the start of December, and I’m bored now. It doesn’t crash. It runs twice as fast. It now has the capability of operating in parallel on multiple processors — which I thought it did before, but I had made a mistake.

There’s still lots of cruft, unnecessary functions, code that needs to be cleaned out, and improvements on the fact that, in the pictured example, if doesn’t operate perfectly when two sides of the collapsing toolpath appear on the same vertical wall, but who cares? This needs to a major rest and reprieve to collect some further bugs.

Meanwhile, our colleagues are at SolidWorkWorld showing off the new Solid Gold Star Partner Solution Product HSMWorks. The other two Golds in the sector are called SolidCam and CAMWorks. All we need now to complete the picture is a new product called “SolidHSM” which, for the sake of symmetry, would have a similar performance. Later, a Chinese hacker would merge them all together into one single categorically superior multi-kernel system called “HSMCam” which everyone could download for free but didn’t because they preferred to use MasterCam.

There’s a SolidWorksWorld podcast, which I have now downloaded. I wonder what it’s going to be like to listen to.

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