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Advance notices to the candidates

Thursday, May 8th, 2008 at 5:11 pm Written by:

The leaflet has now been passed in front of a few sharp eyes. I’ve got to recheck all the numbers on it before I take it to the printers.

We do things properly around here. I’m emailing all the candidates campaign emails with a copy of the leaflet, asking for any comments, and stating my interest as a recent member of the Green Party, for which I will be doing no campaigning.

The Labour candidate webpage is up. Have emailed them through their crappy webform which required me to give my postcode.

I’d already emailed UKIP and given them an earlier copy. They told me I couldn’t use Bob Spink’s voting record as a basis for UKIP, so I deleted the column in the table, which is fine by me as it freed up space. I tried. They didn’t bite.

I don’t feel like contacting the English Democrats.

I’ve emailed a copy to the LibDem campaign. I happen to know somebody whose wife is going down on Friday to help them campaign. He asked if she could take a copy. But I am being strictly non-partisan here. If she reaches their office and tells them not to bin my email — as all the other candidates are most likely going to do — they’ll have the advantage. Such as it is. Interestingly, when I take the test on the webpage the LibDems score 128/140, the Tories get 59/140, and Labour gets 38/140. So it could only go downhill from that.

I really can’t face emailing Mr. Cut Tax on Petrol and Diesel.

No need to email the Greens. They know who I am, and I happen to know the candidate who was an emergency last-minute parachute from Liverpool. It’s chaos out there. I will get someone in the Party to make me a voting chart for the Public Whip to stand in place of their lack of MPs if it is the last thing I ever do.

Now to print out some maps. We go away to some geology course in North Wales over the weekend. Then back to this game.

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