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Copenhagen Spring

Sunday, May 25th, 2008 at 10:11 am Written by:

We’re back here again in Denmark via the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry and slow train to Copenhagen having a look at some old machining algorithms and trying to learn what 5-axis strategies are going to be all about.

Interestingly, after years of complaints about the speed of the calculation, we’re now getting total silence on the issue, which is funny as one of the things we came here to do was sort out the parallelizing on multicore machines. Apparently, the calculations are now faster than with the competition, so it’s not a problem. The plan would be to leave it for a while for everyone else to catch up, and then put some work into it. I think it’s better to keep the advantage and push much further ahead while we’re here.

Last night we went out to see Billy Cross play guitar. The songs were all American rock-and-roll, with a lot of incomprehensible Danish chit-chat in between. Last Thursday I got to play Underwater Rugby for the second time in five years. Some time ago I had a session (reported in here) with what I think was the national squad, so I didn’t learn very much. This time it was with these guys who were very friendly and taught me the necessary tricks to know, such as keeping the ball in tucked in your armpit and adding a little spin when trying to throw it.

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