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The miserableness of multiple operating systems

Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 9:10 am Written by:

It’s not working out as I had hoped.

The grand plan was to run the Windows-only software HSMWorks and the C++ development compiler from Linux through a VirtualBox session that hosted a copy of Windows. That would mean that while the whole of the “we need high performance and to play games” CADCAM world chose Windows, I wouldn’t be stuck with it in order to develop the software.

Now Windows, and especially the new Vista, acts like it is the one true operating system in the world. When you install it on your machine, it takes ownership and blocks access to all other operating systems that might be there. The software is a lazy, arrogant bully, and most people give in to bullies if they want an easy life. Therefore bullies predominate. Even when ugly.

I should have known that my grand scheme couldn’t possibly work. I would have had more success if I bought a 100% Windows machine and ran Linux in a virtual box session within Windows, because things can get along that way. Linux is an effete wimp that does its best to get along in a world with a bully. But since now only 30Gig of disk is in the Windows partition, there isn’t enough space for that.

Here’s my log of the day.

9:47 Insert HSMWorks disc
10:00 Installed.
10:06 Run HSMWorks
10:08 Download Firefox
10:09 Install Firefox
10:10 “Detected change in activated licensing components. You need to run HSMWorks as an administrator”
10:11 Firefox complete.
10:12 Control panel suggests the vista Julian account is an administrator.
10:13 Skype to Copenhagen – bug in old version. “update from web”
10:20 Download the experimental version from
10:23 Copy out license codenumber into form
10:24 “Failed to update machine configuration. Please make sure that you have administrative privileges”
10:28 Although when you list the user accounts it says Julian (Administrator), the “Make changes” page has the radio button for “Standard user” set to On and “Administrator” set to Off; when you click on this the “Change Account Type” goes grey.
10:31 Becka, who has the password in her office, is not there.
10:32 Install the Chinese Government IM service
10:33 Try to download putty and save in System32 directory. It won’t let me.
10:35 Read the net for a while.
10:41 Copenhagen gets back with the idea of running a remote Netviewer session. Software was installed with HSMWorks
10:42 All sessions in use now. come back later.
10:50 I misinterpreted the administrator privileges dialog on Vista.
10:56 Run Skype and take a .reg file from Copenhagen
10:59 HSMWorks still doesn’t work (administrator error)
11:00 Get another .reg file from Copenhagen
11:01 Failed again. “Make sure you have administrator privileges”
11:13 My old computer, which I’m taking these notes, rebooted for an operating system update whether I like it or not. I’m getting screwed over by Windows in stereo. Martin tells me to stop swearing.
11:15 Still waiting for remote viewer key thing so Copenhagen can work out why my UAC (User Access Control) is blocking HSMWorks security key installation. I couldn’t save putty.exe directly to system32 directory; I had to copy it in and go through dialog boxes.
11:17 Windows comes with java installed.
11:20 Try to install python. Fail due to lack of administrator privileges. Conclude there is some irritating dialog box obstructing administrators from doing administratory things.
11:31 Check through the internet and discover the Run as… technique
11:34 Download the JDK 1.6
11:35 Download TortoiseCVS and TortoiseSVN
11:42 Voluntarily register with Sun for the JDK
11:43 Run netviewer and hand control of the computer to Copenhagen
11:46 My computer is now possessed.
11:49 Watch him do the Run as… hack
11:50 Debugging appears to be happening
11:57 Install TortoiseCVS at my own risk
12:00 Install Audacity to see if there’s a mic. Is none.
12:05 Install Open Office
12:10 Install HSMWorks 2008
12:14 Decide to install C++ while they look into it.
12:30 Run As… hack on HSMWorks works.
12:37 Now downloading 0.5Gig service packs for the C++ compiler
12:48 Go to lunch
14:00 Back from lunch. Finish installing C++ Studio updates
14:20 Down to 3Gig disk space out of a total of 30Gig in the Windows partition
14:29 Begin SVN checkout of HSMWorks codebase
14:36 Back to 4.7Gig free. Uninstall Open Office
15:10 Get the C++ environment working
15:13 Install Swig. SVN checkout HSMWorks thirdparty code
15:37 Uninstall JDK and extra Java versions
16:00 SVN checkout the vroni code
16:05 Do more recompiling because I selected the wrong solution (so many old ones floating around not cleaned out)
16:08 Struggling over getting the python24 that we use in HSMWorks compiled. Ask Copenhagen for help.
16:10 Getting itchy to log in to Ubuntu, but then I won’t get any workwork done. The point here is to build the development environment the Danes use in Solidworks, which I have got by without until now.
16:43 still struggling with getting the python in HSMWorks to function.
17:00 Shutdown, reboot to Ubuntu. Find that all the software I’d installed before sending it back to the Emporium is still there
19:06 Still fighting over getting one of virtualbox or vmware to work
19:49 Have discovered I should be loading virtualbox2.0 not virtualbox-ose. Then chown-ing all the /dev/sda disks
19:57 The virtualbox works, Ubuntu boots in it, but Vista is sick when it does so.
20:20 Serious error with apt. Try rebooting
20:23 fsck error. go into root and let it try to fix everything

Fed up, I went home without my computer.

Using a dual boot, my working habits are going to be different. I am either going to do some actual machining work in Windows and not have any room to do anything else, or reboot into Linux and do all the fun stuff with undemocracy, publicwhip, tunnelx, and other projects. I won’t be able to change jobs so easily in the middle of the day, so I will be forced to remain focused on finding the intersection between a line and a torus if that’s what I have to do. I’ll try it. Maybe it’s all for the best.

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  • 1. Francis Irving replies at 17th October 2008, 11:56 pm :

    I hate to say it, but it would be worth trying VMWare as well (on either operating system hosting the other).

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