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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 7:46 pm Written by:

It’s taken about two solid days to build, not to mention the time already invested in my Crewe byelection candidate quiz from earlier in the year. So here it is:

I can’t spare any more time, and I have to know when to stop. Not all of the bells and buttons work yet, and there may be some tinkering at the edges, but this has got to be what I run with. Any comments suggesting substantial changes are welcome, but I may store them for later.

The leaflet we will deliver to addresses in the Glenrothes constituency hasn’t yet been finalized. I’ll now have time to look at that now. Meanwhile, Becka, me and Aidan have made arrangements to go to Glenrothes on the weekend of the 1 November with our bikes.

(I am spectacularly crap at organizing things and getting people to join in. “Not I,” said the people on the byelection pledge. “Then I will,” I said, and I’ve done it about as well as I can speak French. I have a lot of other talents to offer the world; just not these!)

Becka and me have booked the train from Liverpool to arrive in Edinburgh at 12:19 on Friday 31 October. Depending on conditions, we’ll either cycle to Glenrothes or catch the train. We don’t know where we’re staying. Aidan hopefully comes up on Saturday 1 October with his folding bike and we do some deliveries and testing of the website on in the street. The three of us are booked in to the budget Glenrothes Travelodge for that night. It’s got wifi access, so I’ll be able to do some tinkering with the website. Aidan probably goes home on Sunday, but Becka and me stay the extra night in the Travelodge and head home from Edinburgh on Monday afternoon, unless something really interesting crops up, such as an invitation to an all-night party somewhere to watch the US election, which will no doubt be stolen again by that Republican death-cult they have there. We really don’t have it so bad.

A good website for catching up on news from the Glenrothes byelection is I don’t know who maintains it.

Something closely related to this current election quiz website is going to be available from PublicWhip at the General Election.

I am well-known for my way-out radical ideas among the mySociety-related community. One of my most way-out and wacky concepts at the moment is that there is going to be a General Election in a year or two. I say, Wouldn’t it be nice to have the website all dusted up, polished and ready by the time, rather than attempting to cram something together in the last three weeks, like I’m doing for these by-elections? Eh? Whatever.

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