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Glenrothes: What the papers said

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 at 12:53 pm Written by:

This article by Iain Macwhirter “the award-winning political commentator for the Sunday Herald and Herald who has also been a presenter of BBC political television programmes from Westminster and Holyrood for nearly 20 years” is based on 100% unmitigated and total bollocks:

Labour has put up a good fight in Glenrothes, but I don’t think they’ve done enough yet. They’ve hit the nationalists hard on the economy and council cuts. But the problem with Labour’s campaign, as with Glasgow East, is the sheer lack of bodies on the ground. No regal visits from Gordon Brown and the first lady, Sarah, can make up for activists knocking on doors. At the weekend, the nationalists piled 1,200 volunteers onto the streets and put leaflets through every one of the 40,000 homes in the constituency. You just can’t answer that kind of effort.

I was there all Sunday!

No goddamn wonder this country’s democracy is broken, with this news system just making stuff up to fit the chosen narrative. Any pro-democracy on-line project that could slowly be occurring, but is however inconsistent with the programme that these brain-dead zombies grew up with 20 years ago, will not be covered in favour of fabricated usual old horse-shit.

No wonder we aren’t getting anywhere. At one time we thought that attention would come if only we passed good enough work that no one else could do and which arguably addressed a systemic problem in the structure democratic engagement.

But now we realize that the only hope is to wait for this older generation of useless hacks to simply die off like so many incumbent MPs entrenched in safe seats in the absence of a system of primary elections.

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