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Back to Cambridge from Norway

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 at 9:38 pm Written by:

It’s been a long journey back through places not usually visited, following a week of cross country skiiing. Here’s Becka trying out my patented between-the-legs ski-poling in places where it’s so steep the splay of your legs has you bending backwards with your arms wide apart to place the poles on the conventional outside of the skis. She wasn’t convinced.

Back in Oslo there’s more public sculpture than in any city I’ve been to, especially with all those not-of-this-world ones in the Vigeland Sculpture Park which I’d like to know more about. Here’s a photo of some flying divers from behind the bus station.

We went overnight on the Oslo to Copenhagen ferry (which we heard is the notorious booze cruise for Norwegians in the summer, as confirmed by the bottle opener screwed to the wall in the bathroom), were warned twice against pickpockets in Denmark by the captain’s announcement, caught a swift train to Esbjerg, hiked up to and back from the aquarium and the fiske museum three miles to the north of town, got the ferry to Harwich, missed the first train by minutes, and got bogged down by the second train being canceled along the way, resulting in a tedious three hour journey in a bus which inefficiently visited all the intervening train stations no one wanted to go to because they weren’t organized enough to separate the people who wanted to go direct to Cambridge from those who wanted to go elsewhere into the two separate vehicles.

Lots of catching up to do here in Cambridge. I’m in London from 4th to 6th while Becka goes to an EPS Conference for psychologists.

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