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Diving Liverpool Bay video

Sunday, October 18th, 2009 at 6:53 am Written by:

Last Monday I got out for a dive on The Marlin, a boat owned by the retired physics professor who has written the book on wrecks in Liverpool Bay. Dives were on The Dublin and the Lightship Alarm. Someone needs to get into adding the relevant pages to this list, citing his book.

Here’s my edited vid of the day out, using the very fine (and free with the operating system) Windows Movie Maker.

To quote Rummy, you make the movie out of the clips you have, not the footage you might have wanted.

I need to get a much bigger torch. The water is green due to the chlorophyll in the plankton, that also blocks out most of the light at depth. It’s a very different ecosystem to what you normally see filmed in the tropics with all the light and the pretty colours and no floating algae.

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