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Catching up on three weekends of caving

Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 5:51 pm Written by:

Too much ranting in the blog. Here are some still pics from last three weekends caving.

Sunday 18 October
What a mean thing to put on a horse. This was during our Wheeler ride around St Helens.

Saturday 24 October
Showing off surveys so far of Leck Fell caves in the cafe in Ingleton. There are only moderate amounts of cave being discovered, but everything is being resurveyed and put on-line so this time we don’t lose it.

Becka buys an expensive bin-liner for the gear dump to keep warm in the event of being flooded in. Of course, we don’t carry it with us, just as we didn’t in that Austrian cave in the summer.

Entering the entrance at the bottom of the crater for Rift Pot (aka “New” Rift) on Leck Fell.

Becka poses for a photo on a mud shelf while surveying.

We accidentally cornered a bat in the far reaches of the cave that wanted to get out. I have a lot of fluttering recorded in movie mode.

Sunday 25 October
We surveyed some of the outlying and river bits in Ireby, and still didn’t find the way into Northeast Inlet.

Monday 26 October
I stayed at Clive’s while Becka went down Rift Pot again and tired herself out.

Saturday 31 October
I was hauled down to North Wales to be part of a 5 person digging team at the far end of ODB, dragging trays of mud up a 40metre long 40 degree slope. It was bad air where it went horizontal; where the passage is vertical, your body heat sets of convection currents.

Becka paused for a photo on the way out.

Saturday 7 November
Bonfire night at Bull Pot Farm in the hissing rain. All the more reason for the indoor fireworks. Caving had been called off due to obvious flooding. I set off some of my out-of-date marine miniflares outside. They’re pretty violent beasts.

Sunday 8 November
Becka went down Rift Pot while I scavenged for some old caver survey data from a surveying guy, much of which is now deposited here on knowledgeforge.

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