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Falling behind

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 at 9:23 am Written by:

I can’t keep up. I have some very technical blogposts to put together on important matters such as Total Place, but there’s too many things I should be doing, like machine tool bugs.

So here’s some photos that don’t even cover the half of it.

Our new office in Liverpool Science Park 2. Can you guess what their password on the wireless is going to be?

Going caving on a wet Sunday 17 January to Low Douk again for more surveying.

Here’s the programming team for Scraperwiki down in the Mendips starting another feature that was not on the godamn to do list — to build an igloo (14 January).

Who can blame them? They’d just spent a hard week ganging up on me for trying to do stuff that was not in the to do list while living in this place. But it’s okay, because the igloo was going to be deleted the following week once we’d tried it out.

Previous week over new year involved my first trip to Low Douk on Leck Fell. We had to walk up from the bottom of the hill because it was all too icy.

There was some more mapping of caves. In 8 days, I caved once and Becka caved on 7 days. One of those days I spent in the car because of too horrible a hang-over.

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  • 1. Freesteel&hellip replies at 3rd January 2011, 2:51 am :

    […] coincidentally, this was exactly the place where I began the year of 2010 with the most remarkably bad hangover that lasted until 6pm on New Years day. This year I said No to Tom’s dodgy mulled home-made […]

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