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March Scottish Kayak Diving

Friday, March 5th, 2010 at 2:54 pm Written by:

I was pretty skeptical of the idea of diving in February, but someone from the Liverpool club copied the idea from the Manchester club and arranged to hire a chalet and leave the club boat in Oban for five weekends in a row.

And experiencied five weekends of surprisingly good weather.

We joined weekend four and decided to hang around doing a little kayak diving till the weather broke. We’re still here on Friday, mostly staying in the Oban backpackers and worrying whether our car will get broken into during the night. We did have one fine cold evening in the Kerrara bunkhouse that allowed us to paddle around the island over two days.

I regretfully failed to dive on the small island of Bache to the southwest of Kerrarra (too worried about currents that didn’t materialize), but we dived other places, most memorably in Clachen sound on a paddle from Clachan Bridge to Easedale.

This is the weather.

Here’s a closeup of the life on life underwater.

You can tell it’s a kayak dive because Becka is carrying the anchor.

This is from the weekend during a boat dive on the Thesus. No anchor necessary.

The conditions are pretty stunning and warm enough in the sun. The water at 7 degrees is bitterly cold and there are practically no fish (all off on their winter holidays). It’s very difficult to warm up after a dive, even with vigourous paddling.

Tomorrow we might check out Loch Fyne on our way home. And then back to work where things seem to get by quite well without me there to mess things up.

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