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Motion text editing the DEB

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 at 11:31 am Written by:

If I’m going to go on about how Parliamentary Candidates ought to do some homework about what goes in the our Victorian era legislative process by doing some motion text editing, so they don’t spend their first two years in a state of complete bafflement, following through the lobbies like lambs until there’s finally an issue they fully understand and they can use that understanding to unpick all the procedural choss that’s going on, I might as well do some high profile editing myself to show them how it’s done.

A lot of people who watched the hosing through of the Digital Economy Bill last month couldn’t tell what was going on, even though the procedure was telescoped down into a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Here’s what happened. The outline of the Digital Economy Bill passage is here. It began in the House of Lords, being piloted by Peter Mandelson.

The first Lords vote was on the 6 January over extending the powers of OFCOM. It tool me one hour to piece it together from the changes it made to the Communications Act 2003. I got up at 6am because I wasn’t getting any sleep.

I’ve done the first vote on 3 of February. Now I’ve got to the office and I’m doing the second vote which currently means:

Division on Amendment 232C

Contents 65; Not-Contents 143.

Amendment 232C disagreed.

Division number 2

Higher up in the debate, it’s explained:

Amendment 232C

Moved by Lord De Mauley

232C: After Clause 21, insert the following new Clause-

“Monitoring and enforcing C4C’s media content duties

After section 198A of the Communications Act 2003 insert-

“Monitoring and enforcing C4C’s media content duties

(1) C4C must report on the duties under section 198A in their annual report.

(2) In this section “annual report” is the annual report prescribed under paragraph 13 of Schedule 3 to the Broadcasting Act 1990.”

Done that. And the following one. It’s now 9:46am.

Let’s have a look at Amendment 54A:

54A: Clause 8, page 10, line 35, at end insert-

“( ) that takes into account circumstances whereby injunctions under section 97B as inserted by section (Preventing access to specified online locations for the prevention of online copyright infringement) of the Digital Economy Act 2010 may be brought”

It’s getting too hard. It looks like there’s one vote in the Commons on the Third Reading (edited by someone else), and then one in the Lords that is entirely incomprehsible.

It’s lunch time and I haven’t done any work again.

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