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Dive Log Cornwall 2010

Sunday, June 6th, 2010 at 1:55 pm Written by:

Camera clips have finally been edited and uploaded. Quite relaxing. The rest here is for my own records.

Friday 2 April 2010 – Drive down Liverpool to Land’s End, arrive at caravans at 11pm. Weather looks horrid.

Saturday 3 – stayed in for the morning and worked while Becka walked. Then we cycled to Boat Cove on north coast to have a look at state of the sea and a possible kayak diving site (possible with a very long walk in).

Sunday 4 – Club boats went to Penzance. Misunderstanding meant I thought I had a place. So instead we paddled from Praa Sands to look at Prussia Cove and surroundings. Dropped in on Paul in St Ives.

Monday 5 – Joined club for dives from Porthoustock. Wreck of the Volnay in good viz and long enough to find the boilers again (22m, 48 mins). Then dived the harbour wall (22 mins, 5m, 9 degrees C) and met a friendly pipe fish, while everyone else did Pencra Head in the waves.

Tuesday 6 – Horrible weather. Club attempted to go to Porthoustock and went to seal sanctuary instead. I stayed at caravans and later cycle-reccied to Penberth (lovely cove, but residents only unless on foot), Porthcurno (a sandy bank), Porthgwarra (now looking good owing to free access). No similar access points on north coast before St Ives (except Boat Cove).

Wednesday 7 – Lamorna Cove paddle out to and dive on Outer Buck. My DV hose split on surface and I was able to substitute for a club reg. We dived with Steve (25m, 34 mins). Very colourful but huge swell. Viz was not great. Skipped second dive and paddled round to Mousehole past a dive boat on shallow wreck halfway along, landed on the island opposite the town for a walk around.

Thursday 8 – Long paddle from Lamorna cove to Porthgwarra. Passed club diving on wreck of the Lincoln (fairly deep), stopped for a break on Penberth, arrived in peace at Logans Rock. Actually was on east side of Seghy. Wanted Logan’s gully but it was too much swell. Just as we were ready, the club boats arrived, revving their engines. “There goes the neighbourhood!” Rimmer yelled. Two similar dives (18m 22mins, 13m 35 mins) on same tanks, the second using my torch on anchor line instead of carrying the anchor. Extremely colourful up close near the top. That bit of thread on the white dead mans finger in the video is a sea spider. First I’d seen in the UK (I’ve seen them in Ireland). Back at caravans Becka skived going on the Octopush match against Paul’s local team, so I went and we lost badly. Pub grub afterwards.

Friday 9 – I didn’t talk about the plans to avoid jinxing them. Have had this on my mind since I first took up kayak diving. We paddled out and joined the boats at the Runnel Stone for a sunny dive after slack. Failed 3 times to get my anchor in properly – the stone is too rounded and smooth. Andy explained later you need to drop it to the south so it hits all the wreckage. We tied up to one of the boat anchors and it was much more difficult to get in the water with all the slopping about. Magic dive. Did everything, including the swim through and the Plumose Pit. Deco stop on top of rock, then swam up wrong anchor and had to swim across to our boats. Andy saw us to surface, then drove off to eat the last pasty. Fortunately the shop had taken a second order, and I got my treat. It was 1 o’clock in the afternoon and day was already perfect.

We’d left bike at Sennan Cove so we could paddle round Lands End and retrieve the car. It was a good sunny day, absolutely deserted (not one other sea kayak). Tried going into a few caves till worked out they all had baby seals in them (you can tell by the hot meaty smell). One narrow surging channel width of the kayak that didn’t go anywhere. Another one just round the headland into the calmer water by Sennan. Got close to big steel wreck on rocks with its engines exposed. Passed a spear fishing snorkler miles out from the shore. Packed up while Becka cycled off to fetch car.

Fancy end of trip dinner at Gurnard’s Head restaurant with club in mass taxi minibus and Paul.

Saturday 10 – Second attempt at Prussia Cove, from Praa Sands. Scenic shallow gulleys (4m, 30 mins) no camera. Found gully on island that must be the one the guidebook says is a 30m cave swim-through. Met Paul on the shore, took him out for a solo dive while I stood on island. He wasn’t impressed with kayak and lack of engine (petrolhead). When we returned his dog had been stolen by his vet wife for a blood donation for another dog. Hung around in the bar in Praa Sands until quite late, trying to put off long drive back to Liverpool.

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