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Dear Louise – What blockade of Gaza?

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 8:43 pm Written by:

Dear Louise Ellman,

Shortly before your re-election by the voters of Liverpool Riverside, you were kind enough to speak at a somewhat rowdy hustings in the Methodist Christian church in Toxteth.

To one of the questions put to you, I distinctly remember you stating that there was “no blockade of Gaza”.

I am writing to ask if you are willing to revise this statement and explain from what information you form your points of view.

I have always been under the impression that you stood by whatever was the latest official position of the Government of Israel, no matter what else was reported by the BBC and other media outlets.

However, in the following statement put out by Tony Blair’s office yesterday:[1]

“Quartet Representative Tony Blair briefed EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg Monday on the situation in Gaza and Israel’s decision to greatly ease the blockade.”

So, please would you be kind enough to explain what is your current position? How can a blockade be eased if it is not there in the first place? What are the reliable sources you use for determining the scale and effect of this blockade (if that is what it is)?

I ask because it is important for citizens to know where their representatives in Parliament stand on different issues, since we don’t get to vote on matters that have a direct and immediate effect (eg arms exports), and you do.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Todd

Update: I since found that she called it a blockade in a speech in Parliament:

The blockade of Gaza came about because Gaza had been run by the Islamist Hamas after Israel dismantled its settlements, ended the occupation of Gaza and withdrew 8,000 settlers and its soldiers. Instead of that being followed by an attempt to build a peaceful society, it was followed by Hamas overthrowing Fatah and establishing a regime set on eliminating Israel. Hamas’s ideology is very clear-it is set out in its charter and by the continuing statements of its leaders. Hamas sees it as a religious duty to destroy the state of Israel and it promotes the death cult.

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