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Special election leaflet archive deposit

Monday, July 5th, 2010 at 4:31 pm Written by:

Last Monday morning (28 June) I dropped by the Bristol University library (special collections) to make a deposit of election leaflets. The librarian gave up making notes pretty rapidly when she realized I was going to be there all morning laying out my haul of leaflets like some mad door-to-door decorative vacuum cleaner bag salesman that you just can’t get rid of once they’re in your house.

This is only half the haul. There’s another bag in the middle of the table. On the back you see the boxes of brown paper envelopes the librarian has to file everything into, according to constituency, where they will be safe from prying eyes.

it was never my intention to collect so many leaflets. But we put the word out on website that if you didn’t have a scanner of your own, you could mail them to me and I’d do it. The job took many sleepless nights to keep up with in the days before and after the election.

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