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CUCC Expo 2010 Log Part 2

Friday, August 13th, 2010 at 10:51 am Written by:

Mon. 9 August More Tunnel programming and general lack of hassle. Walked up road with Martin to buy a canister of cooking gas when all the drivers were too idle to help fetch it themselves before the shop closed. It’s sunny at last again.

10 August Worked for much of the day with Martin to get the survey poster laid out to take to the printer. Much time working hard to implement the elevation survey idea we’d cooked up the previous day. Then went for a cycle with him to Grundlesee lake, round the end, and then onto the very rough track round the back. The BBC litigation department emailed its reply as per the Information Tribunal directions at 4:51pm (9 minutes before the required time) and stated “we understand that the BBC did not hold the information requested under the Appellant’s narrowed request at the time of the original request.”

11 August Plan was for me and Ju to get up real early and meet Andrew at top of the hill to do the via ferrata on the Loser, after cycling up the hill on our bikes to avoid excess car toll road fees. Just as we reached the top, we saw him in a car getting a previously unscheduled lift down in order to fetch his car. We could have stayed in bed an extra two hours. The Ferrata was energetic, with Ju getting stuck on one overhanging no-footholds bit. Otherwise straightforward if you trust your primate instinct of gripping the wire with all your weight like a tree branch. Then afternoon was interrupted by everyone going round to Alt-Aussee to see Fritz who had insisted we all visit his family and eat him out of house and home. Collected cave photo and cave survey from the printers on the way, so we had something to show and talk about. Then that evening was the expo dinner. The Germans were there, as were the Austrian cavers. Not very rowdy. No singing and no one got thrown in the river. Retreated for more beer in the potato hut where Neil was persuaded to follow this expo with a week long expo on the Datchstein by Robert the Wonder Caver. The man who tried to booby-trap their ropes previously has apparently just got out of jail.

12 August All morning nerding on TodeNode experiment in Tunnel recreating the piecewise linear function summation function (which would make a great coding dojo task), then getting further info at wifi hotspot in town twice for the tribunal. Documents on computer disappear overnight as the computer resets itself. These include on-line emails from the BBC legal team desperately trying to argue that because they’ve now said the information I requested doesn’t exist, there’s no case to hear.

13 August Tribunal to hear at 10am. Getting nervous. Power supply on my laptop finally snapped its wire. Who knows if my call fails to connect (at 38p/minute it better be a good wire), or I have the wrong time, or Judge Claire Taylor agrees with Nicola Cain of the BBC and throws it out in spite of the fact that there’s nothing theoretical about making the Freedom of Information Act apply to technical progress reports for Democracy Live, which would oblige them to be helpful — “We don’t have reports as such, but we do have this weekly email from Blinkx and Autonomy explaining stuff like how they’re encountering a problem making their speech-to-text software work on Prime Ministers Questions where there’s too much jeering, is that what you’re after?”

Finished reading Heather Brooke’s “Silent State” this morning. Also watched Michael Moore’s “Capitalism, A Love Story” last night. Donny, who didn’t think much of it, when pressed explained that it was too shallow: for example Michael Moore pulls silly faces when the experts are trying to explain what financial derivatives are to him. Faces were did not seem to be pulled in my version; he just looks in disbelief when desperately try to answer the question and can’t even do it in a way that satisfies themselves.

My tribunal phone call this morning cost £19 and we’ve decided to stay the hearing till after the Sugar vs BBC appeal situation is known, which I agreed to in light of the unhelpful disclosure from the BBC that the information I requested does not exist — the contractors were in-house to the BBC and there was no separation whereby they made reports on the progress with their dodgy technology.

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