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CUCC Expo 2010 Log Part 3

Monday, September 6th, 2010 at 7:38 am Written by:

Deferred posting No time for a proper timeline. I was badgered into going caving again. Then I walked over to and up the Greisskogel the following day across the Plateau. Then got down to basecamp and remained there out of the way. There was one walk up, pack up the bivi (stashing all the gear into a nearby cave), heavy carry down in the dark. My podcast player went missing overnight. In the morning I saw my clean trousers hanging out on the line with my phone still in the pocket. Bummer. Could be worse. I could have lost my wallet and passport. Still, this is making it very difficult to find out where I am supposed to go to in Italy for some proper canyonning. I knew my real holiday was going to get thwarted. I’ll just have to park in some layby outside the major supermarket in Domodossola for two weeks and hope my friends find me when they go shopping there.

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