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Rainy reunion

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 9:44 pm Written by:

Deferred posting. The plan was to get a long canyon out of the way before Becka arrived and bumped our team up to an unmanageable three numpties and two guys who knew what they were doing. Ogliana di Quarata was a very long steep walk straight up the hill in a forest that had everyone soggy with sweat. The skin sweat response, having evolved on animals that don’t wear clothes, seems to put out more liquid in the areas where it isn’t working, like all over your shoulders and back where your wetsuit is draped, to the extent that it eventually slips off.

Ogliana has an A section, a B section and a C section. The A section is too far up, so we aimed for the B section. At the turning for the C section it was getting late in the day (11 o’clock), so we almost all headed straight for it. But I was keen to go on. Ju decided she would lighten the load and aim for for the start of the C section. After a few minutes I was demoted to the C-team as well, while the two guys who knew what they were doing continued on for the B section. How humiliating.

We walked down the steep path into the canyon to where there was a stone bridge, and fell asleep on it. I hung my pants on a piece of string off the side to make sure the two heroes didn’t race past us while we snoozed. They showed up two hours later, we got changed, and followed them down like two bits of baggage. I was carrying Becka’s camera in a peli case so I could take videos. It’s now wet and doesn’t work any longer. Quite a tricky canyon with lots of pitches and difficult traverses. The last 100 metres took most of the time with about four more pitches than you thought there was going to be, going by the way you could see how the walls opened out just around the next corner.

We got changed on the gravel bank behind the boulder and were on the car at 7:30pm. After driving back to collect Andrew’s camera from where he left it on the wall, we set off a second time at 7:40pm. Take us to the house, then go buy bread and collect Becka, they said. It was miles, and definitely a suboptimal solution. I got back into town at 8:15pm, the time Becka’s train was due to arrive. I bought the bread before the Carrefour closed, found her at 8:30pm, and got back at 9ish where a big meal had been prepared. But she wasn’t hungry. Too much conference feasting during the week, and now she was all hyper and ready for action. Unfortunately the next day was a rest day, owing to the weather forecast. I was kept up all night by the thought of maybe doing the Rasiga canyon just with her on our own, but the rain overnight, fog in the morning, and predicted thunderstorms in the afternoon put an stop to that. Now we have a problem.

Becka went off for a short walk after our early break to look at what I described as the head of the hydro-electric reservoirs. It rained. It stopped raining. Becka still hadn’t returned. I didn’t trust her sense of direction to ever find this place again. Maybe she had broken her leg. I set off and searched for her on the steep slopes beside the hydro-electric pipeline. It entered a long dark tunnel. She wasn’t there. I was quite grumpy when I eventually got back, so sat and worked on my programming experiments. It’s been a week without any internet contact. There were no thunderstorms in the afternoon. We could have gone canyoning.

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