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Hidden Earth 2010

Monday, October 4th, 2010 at 5:53 pm Written by:

The usual cavers get together for Hidden Earth 2010 was a week ago. I managed to bad some wall space to show off what yet needs to be done on the Leck Fell surveys. The two posters on the lower left are done. They’re of Ireby Fell Cavern and part of Rift Pot, the connection about which there was a Daily Mail article.

There was also an artificial cave tube that looked awfully tricky, but actually wasn’t so bad.

Also there were the usual talks, workshops, buying gear, getting a headache from not very much drinking beer, big curry in the evening, blocked toilets, freezing cold camping on the school playing fields with far too much noise, and a drive home at the end of it.

I should make an effort to do something magnificent with Tunnel by next year if I’m not completely buried with ScraperWiki work from now until then. Delegation is fine in theory — except you have to be able to pay the people you delegate to these days.

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