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Hacking the hackdays

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 7:32 pm Written by:

Just not keeping up with blogging. So here are a couple of weeks in pictures.

Friday 15 October Hacks and Hackers Hack day in Manchester, which was well attended.

Saturday 16 October Clearing brush-wood at home.

Sunday 17 October While touring round the Liverpool Biennial, the Cathedral was closed for some sort of christian event for high Judges (men dressed as Santa Clauses). No idea what it was about.

Tuesday 19 October Tour round the University Liverpool new CHP plant. Lots of shiny ductwork containing extremely hot water.

Thursday 21 October – Crisis hack day somehow adjoined to Beyond 2010 Edmonton. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, Canada, and makes money off an environmental catastrophe, but we weren’t talking about that kind of disaster. More things like earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, etc, but not wars and revolutions. For some reason this involved being locked in an innovation centre in Birmingham for 24 hours without any sleep and with a skype chat to a team of girls in Edmonton and two young hackers from Manchester doing degrees in crowd-sourcing. Somehow we whipped up quite a neat implementation using ScraperWiki as a server, and a phone as a text-to-internet relay.

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