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True Grit to Northeast Inlet connection

Monday, November 22nd, 2010 at 10:29 am Written by:

The mission (on 23 October) was to dig at the far end of True Grit in Ireby Fell Cavern towards the extremely muddy dig at the far end of Northeast Inlet.

True Grit was itself a dug passage, with a section called “One Armed Bandit”, because you had to crawl through with one arm ahead of you. Too tight for SRT gear, and I further decided to leave my oversuit behind because of its bulk. If you wear just a wetsuit you can tell whether you are actually fitting through a tight squeeze or not, as opposed to imagining that the drag is only a matter of friction that only requires you to push harder.

Turned out that there was already an air gap in the passage ahead above the sea of mud, and we wallowed through with our faces to the ceiling.

With any new breakthrough, you feel you have to complete the route, which put us on the wrong side of the airy traverse over Well Pitch without any gear. So we fashioned up some cows tails with spare bits of tat we could find and sent Neil on ahead to the bottom of Bubbles pitch to fetch our SRT harnesses.

Deciding that surveying the new passage was a two person job, I decided to go out, to the sound of Neil rightfully complaining about Becka bringing only the cheap survey notebook whose pages are the consistency of damp toilet paper that makes writing on them somewhat tricky, instead of the decent waterproof one.

I was concerned that I didn’t have a backup light of any kind when I was on the pitches, but nothing went out luckily or I would have been reduced to caving on the light from the backlit screen of my camera.

I changed on Leck Fell and walked back across the fell to Bull Pot Farm in fading light, arriving just in time for Becka and Neil to finish their surveying and drive round.

There was some sort of cocktails night at the Farm. I saved my head by going to bed early.

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